Advocare Fibo-Trim’s advertising is pretty basic, modest, and it describes a fat blocker that also happens to lower cholesterol and improve regularity at the same time. Advocare Fibo-Trim is not your amazing fat blasting fat burner that will help you to lose 7 pounds in 7 days, and frankly, from what we’ve seen of other products, you don’t want that product! You want something more like Advocare Fibo-Trim that keeps it simple and reasonable. It seems to us that it’s the products that stick to the facts (i.e. best results when combined with diet and exercise) that succeed.

How Does Advocare Fibo-Trim Work?

Advocare Fibo-Trim uses a blend of ingredients that includes chitosan, a common natural fat blocker. If combined with a low fat diet, it’s a pretty safe bet from what we’ve seen in customer reviews that you will lose weight. Granted, a low fat diet on its own promotes pretty substantial weight loss results. But most dieters can always use the extra help.

We’re not entirely sure about the efficacy of this. In other words, we’re not sure if Advocare Fibo-Trim will actually add to the effectiveness of a low fat diet or if the low fat diet will simply mask its failure. But chitosan seems to be a relatively powerful option.

The Other Ingredients in Advocare Fibo-Trim

Advocare Fibo-Trim has other ingredients, and we can concretely say that Advocare Fibo-Trim has other benefits (whether or not it actually blocks fat). For example, the ingredients we see in Advocare Fibo-Trim are actually capable of controlling or lowering cholesterol levels, and some can promote regularity. And yes, we realize that these don’t necessarily walk hand in hand with weight loss. But there’s no reason why any good weight loss supplement shouldn’t have multiple benefits.

We’re not so sure about the appetite suppressing part of it. We’ve heard of fibers that suppress appetite. But Advocare Fibo-Trim doesn’t have ingredients like glucomannan. So said appetite suppressing effect would be minimal at best. This said, we have seen some reports of Advocare Fibo-Trim users actually eating less.


A lot of what Advocare Fibo-Trim brings to the table seems questionable to us, debatable really. Yes, Advocare Fibo-Trim keeps it all pretty modest, and it does have some fibers that are pretty healthy. But we’re not entirely sure that Advocare Fibo-Trim is a fiber supplement worth $37.95. And whether or not Advocare Fibo-Trim works, we have seen a number of other products that have a more solid base.

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