Advocare ThermoPlus is a natural fat burner that “supports the body’s ability to convert fat into energy, promotes a healthy metabolism, and helps suppress appetite.” It contains oolong tea to support a healthy metabolism and optimal fat burning, and according to ads, it “works great in conjunction with Advocare Metabolic Nutrition System, which is Advocare’s own specialized diet plan. But let’s see how Advocare ThermoPlus compares to the competition.

Advocare ThermoPlus Ingredients

The key weight loss ingredient in Advocare ThermoPlus is oolong tea, which is combined with Sage extract, Guarana extract, Thiamine, and Niacin. University studies have shown that camellia sinensis (a fancy name for tea leaves fermented into white tea, green tea, black tea, and oolong tea) can promote a caffeine based fat burning effect. Clinical studies have also shown that oolong tea can promote healthy antioxidant benefits.

Is Advocare ThermoPlus Clinically Proven

Despite the positive clinical studies on oolong tea/camellia sinensis, Advocare ThermoPlus is not clinically proven to burn fat or promote healthy weight loss results. For one thing, it doesn’t have nearly enough oolong tea. How can we tell? Because Advocare ThermoPlus does not tell consumers how much oolong tea is used, and even products that do tell you (the consumer) do not use the clinically proven amounts 95% of the time!

But just take a look at the other ingredients for yourself. I cannot even begin to fathom why any diet pill would use these ingredients as “key ingredients”! Sage for one does not burn fat, and B vitamins may be essential. But essential vitamins do not burn fat, suppress appetite, or increase metabolism! Do you want a final kick in the pants? Despite the hype, and there is A LOT of hype, all studies on guarana show that it is incapable of fat burning results. I personally don’t get it. Guarana has more caffeine than a cup of coffee. But it really doesn’t matter how much or how little you use. Guarana has to be the only caffeine based stimulant that does not burn fat.

Advocare ThermoPlus Positives

*Oolong tea is a great fat burner and healthy antioxidant blend

Advocare ThermoPlus Negatives

*Advocare ThermoPlus is pretty expensive at $31.95
*All of the other ingredients in Advocare ThermoPlus won’t help you to lose weight
*No money back guarantee or return policy

Advocare ThermoPlus Conclusion

What to say, what to say. Advocare ThermoPlus is one of the biggest scams I have ever seen! And that’s saying a lot considering I’ve reviewed hundreds of “free trial offer” scams. It’s a disappointment, because even though Advocare Slim didn’t make the grade (due to small amounts), Advocare Slim still has some pretty undeniably impressive ingredients. Advocare ThermoPlus if you’re really generous. Otherwise, it’s a complete waste of money.

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