Alli is the first FDA approved over the counter medication meant for weight loss results. They say that you need professional help, and all the natural supplements are simply not proven. They talk about real help, a real plan, and serious lifestyle changes for real people. It is not meant for everybody. But when you use Alli, you will get the healthy way to lose more weight. With Alli, you will finally be able to get healthy control over your relationship with food. And it will help you in many other ways to learn how to lose more weight. They have already been restricted by the FTC because of what the FTC would consider FALSE CLAIMS! But how does Alli work?

Ingredients & How Alli Works

Alli has one ingredient known as Orlistat. It has been used in prescription Xenical, and they essentially cut the given dosage in half. When you use Alli, you get the only prescription fat blocker currently available. Why? Because most are appetite suppressants. But Alli is one of the only 2 approved for long term use. It has been used in combination with an extremely low fat or in some cases no fat diet. And they have shown 5-10% reductions in weight, not necessarily fat, in the space of about a year in patients using Alli.

Is Alli Effective?

Alli does not promote significant weight loss. When you are on such an extreme diet, the results will not last. But when you use Alli, you will find that you should be losing 5-10% of your body weight within about a month or less. When you use a healthy diet plan, you should be able to lose that much weight in about a month. Why is it taking a year is the begged question? Fat blockers have never been proven to be quite as effective as sometmight think.

Is Alli Safe?

Alli possible side effects include orange spots, leaking, sudden and severe diarrhea, and the need for adult diapers.


Alli is for the most part embarrassing. You eat one steak, and you will be pooping your pants and having sudden diarrhea. When you use Alli, you will find that it has not actually been proven to promote weight loss. And with extreme dieting, it seems to slow the weight loss process. Frankly, it may be FDA approved. But the fact that they have already been censored by the FTC speaks for itself, having to change their entire advertising strategy. They have also tried to petition to make obesity a medical condition to eliminate the competition. But it is clear that Alli is not as great as they make it out to be.

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