We don’t know about you. But the whole idea of injecting yourself with a pregnancy hormone to lose weight sounds pretty ridiculous. We’re not oblivious to all of the “natural hCG” stories, and by that we mean women who actually lose weight during the first 3 months of pregnancy (when morning sickness is most common). And we’re definitely not ignoring all of the consumers claiming to have lost a ton of weight using the natural hCG supplement BioMazing hCG, or for that matter the more expensive hCG. But it’s something we have a hard time understanding.

How is BioMazing hCG Supposed to Work?

On one hand, you would think that you would lose more than a pound a day if you were on a 500 calorie diet. Doesn’t that make sense? But when you think about it, a lot of that would be water weight, muscle catabolism, and other weight that you either don’t want to lose or weight that will come back just as quickly.

According to sellers of BioMazing hCG, BioMazing hCG changes this. It supposedly maintains and even builds lean muscle mass, which would explain part of why you would not lose as much (you would assume losing more inches instead), and it prevents you from losing a bunch of water weight and gaining it back the next day.

How Does BioMazing hCG Actually Work?

The how it’s supposed to work sounds good. But we can’t exactly say how it does work. In this case, hCG and BioMazing hCG are interchangeable, because BioMazing hCG only lists that one ingredient and l-carnitine. So just don’t get confused.

We know that there are a ton of customers bragging about some pretty incredible results, that’s undeniable. But we just don’t have the studies that break it down. Scientists are hesitant to study it, because if hCG doesn’t balance out the effects of an extremely low calorie diet, then that would be against basic scientific codes, and even if it does, it’s extremely controversial until proven.

At this point, scientists have not even collected case reports (i.e. measuring the body fat percentages, muscle mass, etc. of previous hCG users. And no one has actually recorded the numbers in terms of how many people keep it off.


BioMazing hCG and hCG can be judged the same way. We’re pretty sure that BioMazing hCG and the hCG injections don’t use the same doses. But outside of that, hCG is hCG. With that being said, the customer reviews speak for themselves, and we haven’t heard of any hospitalizations (which we have heard of with other similar diet plans). So that tells us that the likelihood is the hCG in BioMazing hCG is doing something. We’re just not sure what.

At this point, BioMazing hCG is definitely the cheaper alternative between the two. But we’ve found that there are also other completely different and cheaper alternatives that use ingredients that have more clinical backing.

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  1. Becareful

    I bought Biomazing and cannot argue that the product works, however, because you cannot track you purchases if you are from Australia and possibly other overseas countries, there is no guarantee of delivery. I have been in dispute with this company since April 2012. They don’t respond to my emails and the number can’t be reached from Australia. Basically i just lost $156. THIS IS A WARNING!!! There are other companyies out there you manage their purchases much better than this company.

    By Judy McLean
    Posted on June 8, 2012 at 4:15 am

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