Test Charge is the latest testosterone booster from the company EFX. Like you would expect a T-booster to do, EFX Test Charge helps the body naturally produce more testosterone to create an anabolic atmosphere inside your body. This anabolic environment helps muscles grow and repair more quickly. It also allows the metabolism to convert more fat stores into energy and thereby improve body composition overall. But since every T-booster claims to do the same thing, is there anything about EFX Test Charge that should set it apart? Let’s take a look.

Ingredients & How EFX Test Charge Works

One of the main ingredients in EFX Test Charge is a new compound that’s starting to pop up in several supplements these days called Taxadrol. This compound has been said to work in many ways like Tribulus Terrestris by helping the body naturally amplify testosterone. Many customer reports we’ve seen claim that it works even better. If that’s true, EFX Test Charge should definitely prime your body to repair and grow new lean muscle mass.

EFX Test Charge also contains several aromatase inhibitors. Aromatase is the enzyme the body uses to create estrogen. By blocking estrogen, EFX Test Charge can protect the muscles you build in your workouts from being broken down. It also allows your enhanced testosterone levels reach maximum potency for better results.

Is EFX Test Charge Safe?

Though aromatase inhibitors offer great anti-estrogenic benefits, they have been tied to several side effects. Using some aromatase inhibitors can cause osteoporosis, bone fractures, and joint disorders like arthritis.


Even though Taxadrol shows promise to perhaps be a great new weapon against low-testosterone, we would like to see EFX Test Charge contain some more proven ingredients as far as its testosterone boosting potential is concerned. The aromatase blockers are great, but they are only beneficial so long as the body has testosterone to protect. We would have loved to have seen EFX Test Charge include some Tribulus Terrestris or Eurycoma Longfolia to make this product just a little less risky. We’d recommend finding products with more tried and true ingredients.

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