EZ Slim is a homeopathic remedy to supposedly help you lose weight, lower your blood pressure, cholesterol and your risk for diabetes.

Since we’re always interested in a product that uses all natural ingredients, we decided to take a look at EZ Slim to see if its gentle formula can really help you shed those pounds.

What It Does

EZ Slim’s producer and marketer, HomeoCare, promises that EZ Slim’s homeopathic formula will help your body “respond properly to the signals it is being sent.”

In other words, EZ Slim claims that it can help you realize when you’re full faster so that you can stop eating and reduce the amount of calories you take in.

EZ Slim also claims that it can improve the health of your endocrine system so that your metabolism will naturally increase.

How It Does It

Even though we like that EZ Slim’s natural ingredient list will most likely have a lower risk of negative side effects, we are extremely skeptical that EZ Slim’s choice of natural ingredients is going to be capable of fulfilling their promises.

Their ingredient list is full of scientific names for ordinary things. For example, fucus versiculosis is really just bladderwrack, the nautical source of iodine. Although fucus versiculosis has never been shown to help anyone lose weight, it is often used in spas to help soften the skin and give a healthy glow.

Anacardium orientale is another ingredient that sounds more impressive than it really is. This ingredient is rarely used outside of homeopathic treatments, but even inside the homeopathic realm it is never used for weight loss.

Instead, anacardium orientale is used to treat a “duality of energies,” or schizophrenia. Unless EZ Slim included this ingredient to help quiet the voice in your head that discourages you from that early morning job, we can’t understand how they would expect it to help you lose weight.

Would We Buy It?

Even though we like EZ Slim’s commitment to a natural formula, there are many weight loss aids out there that are both natural and effective. We do not think that EZ Slim is worth any price, no matter how low it is.

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