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“The King of Stimulant Weight Control Formulations Just Got Better!” Or so Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals claims. Fastin XR is supposedly a new and improved version of Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals crowd pleaser, containing all the same fat burning ingredients with a powerful addition of Thermo-Rx for the ultimate calorie burning experience. In fact, this product is so new that at the time of this review, the product was not yet available on their home site.

Supposedly this revolutionary improvement in their formula boosts Fastin XR’s performance like never before, offering an extended calorie burn so you can lose weight all day long. Fastin XR claims that Fastin can naturally and safely increase your energy levels, mood, and senses while helping you to target those troublesome fat stores. After three years of additional research and development, Fastin XR is supposedly more potent than its original Fastin, taking your workout to the next level.

However, we can’t help but wonder if Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals is overhyping its product just a little. If it really were the “strongest and most technologically advanced diet aid ever developed” then surely this product would be hitting the shelves rather than waiting on backorder through a third party vendor. We decided to take an inside look at Fastin XR’s formula to see for ourselves if this new product is really worth its weight as a dietary supplement.

Improvements in Fastin XR

Fastin XR contains all the same ingredients as the original Fastin, with the exception of an extra dose of Thermo-RX and a higher concentration of caffeine. Thermo-RX is a unique phenlythylamine alkaloid derived from the African Acacia Rigidula. In short, it’s an adrenaline releaser. By triggering your “fight or flight” defenses, you can temporarily experience an increase in energy, mental focus, and physical performance. The longer your body remains in this state, the more calories it burns. Additionally, this neat little ingredient may be able to regulate and maintain healthy thyroid functions, so you can have better control over your metabolism.

What it’s Lacking

Unfortunately, Fastin XR is severely lacking in information, making it difficult to determine whether or not this product actually works. Because this product is very new to the market, there are too few customer testimonials to validate its effectiveness.

Normally, this isn’t a problem, as we can typically make an accurate assumption about its ingredients. However, Fastin XR does not list the exact ingredient concentrations on its label, hiding under the name of the proprietary blend. Proprietary blends may keep copycat manufacturers from stealing their product, but it can also hide a faulty formula – which makes us naturally skeptical of this supposedly powerful tool for weight loss.

In order to be effective, a weight loss supplement needs to include exact dosages: too much, and the product is dangerous; too little, and the product is useless.

Final Thoughts

Fastin XR is unavailable on Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals website, which means you’ll have to shop around through 3rd party vendors that may not have your best interests at heart. Currently, the product is retailing for nearly $70, not including shipping and handling. Although there is a money back guarantee offered with Fastin XR, this can be an expensive investment for a product that might not work for you.

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  1. Review

    I started taking Fastin XR a few days ago. I am not over weight but have been having trouble losing the last 10 lbs. My friend had taken Fastin as a prescription and told me that it was now sold at CVS and Walgreens. I called everywhere and they were sold out. I got lucky at CVS who had its last 2 boxes of Fastin XR. It retails at 59.99 but it was on sale for 20! Of course I got it. I know Fastin XR affects people differently, but here is my review:

    I definitely follow the dosage on the back. I take 2 in the morning and 1 at lunch. The first 2 are the kickers. As soon as they start working I feel wired, feeling like I could run a marathon if I wanted to. Since I’ve started taking Fastin XR, I have had a lot of the side effects. Every day I’ve taken it, 3 days so far, I’ve had fast heart rate and jitters. My first day I had a headache and dry mouth. My 2nd day I was nauseated after the 3rd pill wore off…plus dry mouth. My 3rd day was jitters, a little dry mouth, and a little nausea. Just like any diet pill that gives you energy, Fastin XR has a “crash.” After it wears off I feel like crap and I’m really tired. It gets your body so pumped up and ready to go that when it wears off you’re just….blah. I hate the side effects, but I can honestly say it does what it is suppose to. I have lost a little over 3 lbs with no exercise (I have a desk job). And it does supress your appetite. I recommend you eat or you will get light headed on this stuff, but when I do eat…I notice I don’t eat near as much as I use to. I will say that when this bottle is done, I’m done with it. I love that it is working and I’m seeing results, but I hate feeling the “crash.” And with the side effects, it makes me question the safety of long term use! Also, follow the instructions when it says no caffeine when you take these pills.

    By Jessica
    Posted on May 5, 2012 at 1:41 pm

    I have taken Fastin XR now for about 3 months on and off. When I started taking it I only took one instead of the recommened two. I have taken diet pills with caffine in the past and did not want that jittery feeling. Starting with one was great and then one at lunch to keep the energy going. By 10 pm it is wearing off and you can sleep good and avoid that crash feeling.I have not experienced any side effects while taking it this way. I am sure you could maybe take one every 3 hours (total 3 tablets a day) to keep the high energy feeling going with out feeling jittery. One thing, eat! you may not feel like eating but eat a little. A cup of yogurt or something small and healthy to keep your stomach from getting that nausiated feeling.I started at 170 and I am down to 137. I only take them now every now and then when I need help keeping hunger under control. It has worked for me and you need to find the right dose that will work for you. Hope everyone success in their weight loss.

    By Julie
    Posted on September 11, 2012 at 7:04 pm

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