Femara is a pharmaceutical drug that has been approved by the FDA to fight breast cancer in women who have just undergone surgery. Femara was used to change the body’s chemical environment in a way that would suppress and reverse the growth of malignant tumors. Its primary function was to limit the body’s ability to synthesize estrogen, a hormone that breast cancer cells thrive on. But while limiting estrogen in women helps counteract tumors, reducing it in men yields results in much different ways.

How Does Femara Work?

Femara also helps men limit their production of estrogen. But rather than fight cancer, estrogen suppression enables men to sustain higher levels of testosterone. This is because Femara is technically an aromatase inhibitor. Aromatase is an enzyme that actually converts testosterone into estrogen. By disrupting the function of this enzyme, Femara helps preserve testosterone.

Why is Testosterone Important?

Aside from promoting a number of natural health benefits, surging amounts of testosterone should be every male athlete’s dream. With high levels of this hormone, your body becomes an anabolic assembly line primed to pack on new muscle, burn off fat, and improve body composition. Testosterone can even increase muscular output of the muscles you already have, helping you unlock peak performance.

Side Effects

As is the case with many aromatase inhibitors, Femara has shown has been linked to some side effects. The most common of these is reductions in bone density which can lead to fractures and even breaks. This side effect is more commonly observed in women but it can still also occur among men.


Femara is a compound you should keep your eye out for. Its backed by a lot of evidence that shows it can really do the job it claims to. Aside from boosting testosterone, Femara would also be an exceptional supplement to use during a steroid cycle or during post cycle therapy. This is because it can drastically reduce estrogen related side effects like acne, gyno, and water retention.

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