Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite

Hydroxycut Hardcore EliteIf you like to work out but are constantly fighting fatigue, and are looking for a hardcore supplement to give you that shot of energy and strength that you need to power through your workouts, new Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite may be the answer.

Already causing a ruckus in the body building community, Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite is full of clinical ingredients to turn up your fat burning heat, reactivate your metabolism, give you a surge of athletic energy, and lift your mood and focus.

With Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite in your arsenal you can expect to gain:

• A rush of energy and euphoria that last for hours
• Improved strength and endurance for intense workouts
• Mental focus and clarity to keep you on track
• An improvement in mood and attitude

And you can expect to lose–fat! Burn stubborn body fat away, and finally reveal the lean, smooth muscle underneath!

Let’s take a look at the power inside Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite, and you can decide for yourself.

Ingredient Line-Up

Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite contains all its ingredients in individual and effective quantities. This is a definite plus in a “proprietary blend saturated” industry.

Inside Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite you will find 270 mg’s of Caffeine Anhydrous for a hit of energy, that when combined with other ingredients in the formula will give you sustainable energy without the jags and rollercoaster ride.

250 mg’s of Coleus Extract 250 mg is next in line, and is truly a clinically proven ingredient that works much the same way as ephedrine–without the harmful effects to your heart and nervous system. Coleus’ domino effect on specific fat burning enzymes in the body, allows your fat cells to release their energy so you can finally burn it off during your work outs. Mature and “stubborn” fat will fly out the door!

In addition Coleus stimulates the thyroid gland into releasing hormones to help with weight loss and metabolic rate.

Green Coffee Extract (200 mg’s) is not coffee per say, but in fact offers approximately half the caffeine for a nice clean buzz. High in antioxidants, Green Coffee Extract also goes to work healing you at a cellular level.

Yohimbe 56.3 mg mimics the feeling you gain from adrenaline, for a total “rush” of energy. When combined with Caffeine, Yohimbe is a force to be reckoned with. The added bonus, is Yohimbe improves mood, and increases sexual libido and erectile power in men.

100 mg’s of L-Theanine will “take the edge off” Caffeine so you enjoy the brain-clearing, energy aspect of it, without the wild side effects. In addition, L-Theanine improves mood.

And finally, 100 mg’s of Cocoa Extract elevates your mood and makes you “feel good” so you’re completely motivated to work out. Cocoa Extract is also rich in antioxidants; cleansing, healing and detoxifying the body.

These ingredients seem top-notch, if not a little high-stimulant. Let’s see what beta-test consumers have to say…

Early Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite Opinion

“I have NEVER sweated this much in group rpm/biking class! I was totally soaked. Tons of energy, lots of focus, tingles/goose bumps during the whole day/class!” ~ Raleigh

“This is one of the most intense supplements about to hit the market (Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite). In all my life of working out I have never had such an adrenaline rush and surge of energy to help me perform not only in my workouts, but in all the different leagues that I play. I highly recommend this supplement to anyone trying to shed some weight or even wanting to bulk up…It holds both of those features and more. You will without a doubt feel the power of Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite in just the first dose, You will not be disappointed!” ~ Lenny

Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite Possible Side Effects

Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite is high-stimulant, so cutting back on dosage will be important if you are sensitive to Caffeine. And a Caffeine/Yohimbe combo can cause nausea and the jitters in some users.

Take Muscletech’s advise and start off slowly—but most users quickly became used to Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite, and tout its benefits rather than any negatives.

Of course if you have serious health issues like Hypertension, you should not use Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite. Or consult your physician first!

Hydroxycut Hardcore Conclusion

You can place pre-orders for Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite on certain body building sites for only $39.95 plus S&H, which is very reasonable.

We advise only using Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite if you’re in good shape, workout regularly and need something “hardcore” to move your workouts along.

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