A brand for a better, more active lifestyle. This is what Instaflex claims they can offer you with their line of 4 active lifestyle support supplements. Instaflex , endorsed by celebrity professional athletes and proven ingredients seems to be a product that can deliver on their claims. Let’s take a closer look and see if they hold up to their promises.

What Does Instaflex Offer You?

Instaflex’s line of products includes: Joint Support, Bone Support, Multivitamin and Muscle Support and each of these products offers claims to offer specific benefits to help you achieve a more active and healthy lifestyle.

Joint Support: This is the first in their line of products. It brings together 8 clinically tested, all-natural ingredients to help with joint support and pain relief.

Glucosamine– a major component of joint cartilage. It has been studied and proven to help reduce cartilage degeneration. Instaflex delivers this product in a dosage of 1,500 mg and using the sulfate form, making this ingredient the most effective it could be.

MSM– In clinical trials, this ingredient has been proven to decrease inflammation and improve joint function.

White Willow Bark Extract– This has the same properties as MSM in addition to being an excellent stomach soothing agent.

Ginger– in addition to many other health benefits, ginger has recently been found to help reduce joint pain.

Boswellia Serrata Extract– Acids in this ingredient are helpful in blocking inflammation. It has been used as an arthritis treatment for years. It is also known to help blood supply to joint tissue.

Hyaluronan– provides a cushioning and lubrication effect to joints.

Cayenne Pepper– is known for endorphin activation, which aid in natural pain relief.

Turmeric Root Extract– helps to reduce joint destruction and blocks a protein responsible for inflammation.

Bone Support: There is a lot less information to be found on bone support, but we do know that if offers to strengthen, build up and improve density of bones using Vitamin D3 and Calcium as the top two active ingredients.

Multivitamin: The Multivitamin offer exactly what it says, multiple vitamin ingredients, including vitamins a, c, d, and e to help support the immune system, improve total overall health and increase energy.

Muscle Support: The last of the Instaflex line, Muscle Suport helps to reduce cramping, decrease soreness and help speed muscle recovery. Top ingredients in this product include Vitamins D3 and E, as well as Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium and L-Glutamine Monohydrate.

Our Recommendations

Yes, it is expensive, but the product does offer a free 14 day trial period and is designed to work in as little as one week. We believe that the blended ingredients will offer you what you need to begin the joint healing and pain relief process today.

However, if it isn’t working for you, don’t forget that you will need to cancel immediately after the free trial or you will be placed on an auto-ship program and continue to be billed and receive products. In conclusion, we recommend looking somewhere else before trying Instaflex.

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