With just over 100 different ingredients, Xtreme Pharmaceutical InnovationsLiponox made a name for itself as one of the most all-inclusive diet pills on the market. Now, however, XPI has changed the Liponox formula to accomplish all of the same weight loss effects with a simpler formula.

The updated Liponox is said to burn fat, enhance energy, boost the metabolism, suppress the appetite, and block fat. This is a tall order for any diet pill, but XPI seems confident enough to back their product with a 90-day money-back guarantee, so it must be pretty effective.

I wanted to take a closer look at this diet pill, so I did some research. In this review, you’ll learn exactly what is in Liponox, how it works, and any side effects you may encounter. I’ll also go over price and specifics about the guarantee.

What’s in Liponox?

Liponox now contains just 13 ingredients, three solo, and 10 as part of a 500mg proprietary blend. To determine whether or not it will be effective, let’s go over each ingredient to find out what it does for weight loss.

Irvingia Gabonensis (150mg), or African mango, has emerged on the weight loss scene as one of the most effective appetite suppressants available. However, Irvingia Gabonensis is also a potent fat burner, making it double equipped to aid in weight loss. In fact, one study saw the average subject lose 28 pounds over a 10-week period while all subjects saw a decrease in their waistlines.
Cissus Quadrangularis (150mg) hails from areas of Asia and Africa. This vine contains antioxidant, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory properties that make it ideal in a weight loss supplement. It is also said to work especially well alongside Irvingia Gabonensis. According to one clinical study, subjects dropped an average of 17.82 pounds and 5.4 percent in BMI. Cissus Quadrangularis fights high cholesterol and boosts the metabolism as well.
GreenSelect Phytosome Green Tea (150mg) has all of the same benefits as green tea extract, but with an extra boost from the added phytosome. This makes the green tea more bioavailable—or easily absorbed into the bloodstream. With this phytosome, the active ingredients are able to get to work much more quickly to burn fat, boost the metabolism, and create energy.

Lipoffeine Energy Blend (500mg)

Green Coffee Bean Extract is a high source of caffeine, containing much more of the stimulant than is found in the average black coffee bean. With this content, caffeine is able to run through the bloodstream and create heat, burning fat and raising the metabolism. Of course, caffeine also creates more energy, which can be used at the gym to burn even more fat.
Guarana, however, contains even more caffeine than green coffee bean. With four times the amount of caffeine in a seed as is in a coffee bean, guarana is one of the most effective stimulant-based ingredients available. It triggers faster reactions in the central nervous system, helping the body burn fat through thermogenesis. You’ll also get more energy with guarana as your metabolism speeds up and fat is burned for fuel.
DiCaffeine Malate is another form of caffeine, this time fused with malic acid for maximum effectiveness. Malic acid makes it easier for your body to ingest large amounts of caffeine, meaning you can utilize all of its benefits without the jittery feelings or the after-crash often associated with caffeine.
Yerba Mate is a South American plant that is made into tea and used to cure a wide range of conditions, from depression to hypertension. According to a 2001 study from Denmark, it can also play a role in weight loss. Researchers found that yerba mate blocks fat before it gets turned into adipose tissue, which means it will exit the body more quickly. It is said that this results in better digestion over time.
Black Tea actually comes from the same plant that is used to create green tea—camellia sinesis. The color differs because of the oxidation of the tea, as well as which part of the plant it was harvested from. Black tea also contains different properties than green tea. Specifically, black tea treats headaches and low blood pressure, as well as heart disease and upset stomach. Because of these properties, it may be able to curtail some of the caffeine-related side effects that are no doubt attached to Liponox.
White Tea is also derived from camellia sinesis. It is the most lightly oxidized of the three teas, and contains both the most antioxidants as well as the most catechins. Catechins are important to weight loss because they are responsible for improving digestion, which in turn improves metabolism. White tea is also associated with improved heart function and better antiviral action.
Gotu Kola, also known as Brahma Buti, is an herb used in traditional Chinese medicine for treating bacterial and viral infections. However, it can also indirectly contribute to weight loss by relieving conditions like fatigue, anxiety, and depression, which lead to increased weight gain. Without these obstacles in the way, your path to weight loss will be clearer.
Oolong Tea does not contain as many catechins or anti-oxidants as the camellia sinesis-based ingredients, but it does harden the arteries, which can serve to prevent heart problems in the future. It also improves thinking skills and allows for better mental focus, which can help out in the exercise department. And, as a bonus, oolong tea is also associated with positive skin benefits.
Kola Nut is native to West Africa and provides short-term relief from fatigue, depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, and general feelings of melancholy. It is also used to treat mild gastrointestinal issues like diarrhea. Kola nut is considered a weight loss aid by WebMD for these reasons.

From what I can tell, these ingredients seem to be the Lucky 13 of Weight Loss. They comprise a well-rounded blend of appetite suppressants and fat burners, along with plenty of caffeine-based ingredients to give energy.

And with ingredients like black tea and kola nut to soothe potential side effects, Liponox creators seem to have thought of everything.

Are There Any Side Effects With Liponox?

Of course, with the good comes the bad. Liponox relies heavily on caffeine in order to burn fat and boost energy, so by taking this supplement, you’re putting yourself at risk for many of the common diet pill-related side effects of jittery feelings, headaches, nausea, and sleeplessness.

If you are especially sensitive, these could translate to anxiety, irregular heartbeat, and even heart attack or stroke.

However, because of the soothing ingredients like kola nut already mentioned, the effects of caffeine may be downgraded to a safe level.

How Much Does Liponox Cost?

Liponox retails for $59.95 per bottle on the official website, Liponox.com. Each bottle is a month’s supply, which puts Liponox is the average cost range for a diet pill of its kind.

If you decide you like Liponox after trying your first bottle, you can save by ordering multiple bottles at once. Two bottles of Liponox retail for $99.95, for example, while three bottles cost 139.95. Each order of more than one bottles will qualify you for free shipping.

How Does The Money-Back Guarantee Work?

Each order comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee, which means you’ll have 90 days to receive your order, try it, and ship it back if you are unsatisfied. The guarantee covers one used bottle plus any other bottles that are unopened, so essentially you have about a month to decide whether or not Liponox will work for you.

If you do decide to return Liponox, you’ll be working with customer service provided by Telestar USA, a Utah-based third-party operation with a good record of reliable service. I have spoken with them myself and they have been helpful and prompt. You can contact them either through the live chat function on the Liponox website or by phone at 1-866-580-8816.

Should I Try Liponox?

If you’re not sensitive to caffeine, I can’t think of any reason why you shouldn’t try Liponox. Its solid ingredient profile, lack of significant side effects, and moderate price range make it a rare find in the diet pill industry, and with reliable customer service, you should have no problem with this pill.

If you’ve already tried Liponox, leave me a comment below and let everyone know what you thought.

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