Natural Aromatase InhibitorsAromatase is an enzyme as part of the cytochrome P450 family. It is an important pharmalogical target, that has been used for the treatment of breast and ovarian cancers in post menopausal women. Ovaries are the major site of estrogen production, and they believe that cancer in those areas is in part caused by the overproduction of estrogen. They have been quite successful in this purpose, though of course it is closely regulated by qualified physicians.

Natural Aromatase Inhibitors

Natural aromatase inhibitors are somewhat different from prescriptions and those meant for cancer. But they perform the same basic function. They include flavones, flavanones, resveratrol, oleuropein, and many others. They were found in products such as AROM-X. And they can also be found in natural supplements such as chrysin, genistein, and quercitin in limited amounts.

Uses Of Natural Aromatase Inhibitors

While prescriptions have been used exclusively in one group of women suffering from rather specific and serious disorders, over the counter aromatase inhibitors have been traditionally used in men. That use makes more sense to some. After all, it inhibits estrogen production and it works to naturally increase testosterone production. It has been used as a popular fat burner and testosterone booster for muscle building in men.

Side Effects Of Aromatase Inhibitors

Aromatase inhibitors have been known to cause a number of side effects. In women taking it for cancer treatment, it has been known to cause minor side effects such as hot flashes and night sweats. But they have been further indicated to cause problems with kidney and liver damage, bone loss, osteoporosis, bone fractures, joint pain and damage, vaginal dryness, arthralgias, dyspareunia, and multiple other problems. Physicians with patients using aromatase inhibitors have also been cautioned to beware of silent killers and silent side effects. Things such as extremely high cholesterol have been known to occur with no outward manifestations leading to serious problems with heart disease and even death.

Who Should Use Aromatase Inhibitors?

Aromatase inhibitors are no longer available to the over the counter market. However, if you happen to be a postmenopausal woman with breast or ovarian cancer, it is worth looking into. Likewise, you will find that if you have no history of heart disease, kidney disease, adrenal problems, or liver problems, you may be an ideal candidate for the use of aromatase inhibitors. It could also be said that prescription forms could be used to treat problems such as endometriosis.

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