Pump products are a dime a dozen, as are testosterone boosters.

But a nitric oxide and testosterone enhancer rolled into one? That’s not something you see every day. Nitrocut contains a unique blend of nitric oxide precursors and all natural plant extracts.

It’s goal is to improve blood flow to muscles while also creating a more anabolic environment within your body for better muscle growth. On their own, these approaches are quite common but do they make an effective combination in the same product?

Nitrocut Ingredients

Nitrocut contains Arginine AKG, Arginine KIC, Arginine Monohydrate HCl, and L-Citruline Malate. All of these ingredients have been shown to help increase nitric oxide concentrations inside the bloodstream. Nitric oxide operates as a vasodilator within the body, widening and expanding veins to bring surging amounts of blood into muscle tissue.

As the your muscles swell with fluid, you will experience the “pump” sensation so many body builders crave. By improving blood supply, Nitrocut can help your muscles get the nutrients they need to work more vigorously, perform longer, and recover more quickly.

Will Nitrocut Be Effective?

Nitrocut labels its other ingredients as natural strength enhancers. Most other products who use the same compounds refer to them as testosterone boosters. This may be because Nitrocut is also trying to market to women. We definitely recommend staying away from this product if you’re a woman since testosterone isn’t the route you need to be taking for muscle gain.

But for the guys out there, Nitrocut contains Tribulus Terrestris, Eurycoma Longifolia, Avena Sativa, and Fenugreek. All of these ingredients have been shown to support higher concentrations of luteinizing hormones, the hormones your body uses to stimulate the testicles for testosterone production. All together, they should be very effective.

Taking L-Arginine in excess can potentially cause dangerously low blood pressure. Make sure that you use as directed if you try Nitrocut.


Nitric oxide has the ingredients to provide some solid benefits (for men anyway). We are concerned about the price though. A 1-month supply costs around $55.00. Nitrocut might be worth it depending on what you want from your supplement. Nitrocut will help prime the body for easier muscle gains but it doesn’t have any muscle builders. If you go in with the right expectations, Nitrocut should be a decent supplement.

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  1. Nitrocut

    Absolute horseshit product.. I’ve come to terms.. Diet is the best supplement.

    By Zack
    Posted on April 3, 2012 at 2:17 am

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