RealDose Weight Loss Formula No. 1

weight loss formula no 1

Created by RealDose Nutrition, Weight loss Formula No. 1 is said to use the highest quality ingredients from around the world to dramatically alter the way your body burns fat and loses weight. It’s a vegetarian friendly formula made with gluten-free products and contains absolutely no caffeine or other stimulants.

When compared to one of our top products Phenphedrine, a leading fat burner that is also supposed to control hunger hormones, Weight Loss Formula No. 1 seems like a safer alternative for losing weight without the jitters – so we couldn’t help but take a quick peek under the lid to see if it was as really as amazing as it looked.

Under the Lid

Weight Loss Formula No 1 divides its formula into 4 blends, each specifically chosen to decrease appetite, increase energy levels, reduce stress, and burn more fat (respectively).

Hormone Balancing Blend: If your appetite is out of control, your hormones could be to blame. RealDose Nutrition would have us believe that by increasing adiponectin levels and decreasing ghrelin levels, the all-natural herbs inside this blend would help give you greater control over your diet, and they even go so far as to provide us with additional research on the benefits of taking Dolichos Biflorus and Betel.

The studies provided definitely look legitimate (unlike other supplements that make up their own research), but unfortunately, the study was for rats, not humans. If you really want to learn how to eat less, these ingredients might not be strong enough on their own.

Svetol: Svetol is a popular brand of green coffee bean extra, which is definitely the most effective ingredient in Weight Loss Formula No. 1. Studies have revealed that Svetol can have a dramatic impact on the absorption of fat in the liver, making it a good ingredient for weight loss.

Rhodiola Rosea: Chronic stress can trigger the release of the hormone cortisol which can cause weight gain and numerous other side effects. Rhodiola Rosea, however, may be able to counteract these effects by fighting depression and increasing the body’s ability to adapt to stress.

According to WebMD, this ingredient may be able to relieve various symptoms in individuals with mild depression. While it’s not a proven ingredient for weight loss, it’s definitely a great way to boost your mood and your energy levels.

BioPerine: Bioperine does have thermogenic properties, but this nutrient isn’t as powerful as many people might hope. Instead, this ingredient is used to make the rest of Weight Loss Formula No. 1 more effective by increasing the body’s abilities to absorb their nutrients.


Weight Loss Formula No.1 currently retails for nearly $67 for a 30-day supply, and it can be purchased through amazon as well as other reliable websites.

As an added bonus, there is free shipping to all orders within the US.

What We Think

phenphedrineWhile we definitely love that RealDose Nutrition went out of its way to provide consumers with clinical studies and additional information about its ingredients, and considering how difficult it can be to find a vegetarian-friendly formula for weight loss, we applaud them for catering to the needs of the individual.

However, Weight Loss Formula No. 1 might not be as strong as we had initially hoped. While it does contain a few potentially effective ingredients, until there is more human research on these ingredients, it might be best to try a different product.

If you’re looking for a similar formula to control appetite hormones for around the same price, then Phenphedrine might be worth investigating. True, it contains caffeine, but its cutting-edge research is specifically designed to control the hormones CART and NPY, to give you better control of your dieting experience.

Follow the link to read more about Phenphedrine and the science behind this product.

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