Reveal Extreme claims to be able to force the body to lose weight quickly and safely.

Apparently, this 3 part system is still found in some retail stores, and it is still receiving quite a few complaints. What do consumers complain about?

About Reveal Extreme

Created by Complete Nutrition, Reveal Extreme is a weight loss aid that supposedly promotes extra stimulating effects. According to ads, Reveal Extreme will help you to burn fat like ephedra, but you don’t have to deal with any of the side effects, and you don’t have to put your life into your hands.

Reveal Extreme Ingredients

This is not surprising considering only one of the formulas actually has clinically proven ingredients. But while Reveal Extreme does have some clinically proven ingredients, namely different stimulants and other forms of caffeine, it does not have the clinically proven amounts.

Reveal Extreme Side Effects

Again, this is not particularly surprising. Unfortunately, Reveal Extreme has plenty of caffeine, which automatically leads to certain side effects. But in addition to that, you will find that it also has yohimbine, a sexual aphrodisiac that is more likely to cause heart attacks and strokes than any kind of weight loss results.

Consumer Reviews

There are some reviews that detail it and others that just say it was bad. But customer reviews seem to agree that Complete Nutrition, the company behind Reveal Extreme, had horrible customer service. This is not just inconvenient, it’s a bad sign of things to come.


Reveal Extreme uses ingredients that don’t come through. 2 out of 3 of the formulas could be called sleep aids rather than actual weight loss formulas. Unfortunately, this does not mean that you will be spared from side effects. You will still experience plenty of problems. But you would be far better off using another option.

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