Rivalus Enpulse is a product designed to naturally boost testosterone levels, rev up sex drive, and burn fat stores while building lean muscles. It sounds like everything a testosterone booster should be. But at the same time, we’ve heard these claims before. Almost every other testosterone booster is “formulated” to do the same thing. We wanted to see if there was anything special about Rivalus Enpulse. Was it really going to get the job done? Or would it be just another throwaway?

Ingredients & How Rivalus Enpulse Works

Enpulse combines testosterone boosting ingredients like Tribulus Terrestris, Eurycoma Longifolia, and Avena Sativa Extract with aromatase inhibitors (drugs that block the production of estrogen) to increase sex-drive, eliminate estrogen, burn fat stores, and grow muscle. At first glance this approach seems really solid. Enpulse also has the right ingredients to do what is claims. But do they have the right amount of these ingredients?

Is Rivalus Enpulse Effective?

Tribulus Terrestris, Eurycoma Longifolia, and Avena Sativa Extract are ingredients almost any testosterone booster should have. Finding all three of them in one supplement is rather exciting. It would be even more exciting if we could see the exact concentration Enpulse uses for each of them. This is because even the best ingredients don’t work if there isn’t enough of them. While Enpulse has the right components, it’s hard to know whether or not it is going to get the job done.

Is Rivalus Enpulse Safe?

Though Enpulse’s testosterone boosting components are safe, its aromatase inhibitors (estrogen blockers) are not. Aromatase supplements have been tied to several adverse health effects in the past. Side effects have included a reduced rate of bone maturation and growth, reduced sperm production, cases of infertility, adrenal insufficiency, kidney failure, and liver dysfunction. Those with preexisting liver, kidney, adrenal, or prostate conditions are especially at risk for these side effects.


Rivalus Enpulse is a gamble. Its methods and ingredients look strong on paper but without seeing the dosages they use, it’s impossible to evaluate its efficacy. Not only that, it has some scary potential side effects. If you want to pay up to $80 or more to examine this product for yourself, go ahead. But first we hope you are aware that there are already several alternatives on the market that do contain clinically tested amounts of the ingredients Enpulse uses. Not only that, these products are usually available at half the cost and with far fewer health risks. For these reasons, we have to recommend looking into other products when looking for a testosterone booster.

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