I’ve seen Ashwagandha or Sensoril in other products from time to time, and every time, I have to wonder why. I don’t see the point. Yes, Sensoril has clinically proven benefits. But it isn’t clinically proven to burn fat, reduce appetite, or even increase energy levels. What is Sensoril clinically proven to do?

Benefits of Sensoril

Sensoril is clinically proven to improve mood and even stabilize your mood, being tested in patients with bipolar disorder (who are also on a proven prescription medication). Studies showed that Sensoril seems to improve results and stabilize results, though it was not tested on pregnant women, dementia patients, or children without a minimum of an 8th grade education among other select groups.

And technically, all of those benefits are highlighted on the Sensoril website and the websites of every product using the patented Sensoril.

Where the Ingredient Deviates

It’s not rogue companies saying things that simply aren’t true about Sensoril. It’s the manufacturer! Creators of Sensoril go back to the good old, FTC lawsuit days of cortisol, suggesting that Sensoril controls cortisol, therefore promoting every possible health and weight loss benefit under the sun and then some. It is the Sensoril manufacturers who are going overboard!

Companies were shut down previous to this for similar claims, because when you capitalize on cortisol, you are suggesting that everybody on earth who happens to be fat has a serious medical disorder. Yes, cortisol buildup is that serious and extremely uncommon to boot, which was highly publicized with products like Cortislim were recalled. And no, there are no rogue studies that even suggest that Sensoril promotes weight loss.

Should You Buy Sensoril?

There’s no reason not to buy Sensoril products that have the clinically proven amounts as long as you are using it for the right reasons. But if you’re on this site, chances are you’re expecting the wrong benefits, and you would just be wasting your time.

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