Slim Trim U

slim trim u

Slim Trim U is a advertised as powerful fat burner that will reduce your appetite and eliminate excess fat without the need for dieting or exercise.

If such a claim were true, then Slim Trim U would obviously be one of the best diet pills in the industry, offering an increased metabolism for an affordable low price. Like the leading product Phenphedrine, Slim Trim U is said to attack fat from multiple angles, so you can finally lose those troublesome inches.

However, very few diet pills can live up to manufacturer’s over-the-top claims for fame. Is Slim Trim U just another placebo masquerading as a weight loss pill? Let’s find out.

Under the Lid

Slim Trim U makes consumers believe that the all-natural ingredients listed on the label hold the secret to losing weight effortlessly, but just because a diet pill uses natural ingredients doesn’t mean it’s safe or effective.

Many of the ingredients inside Slim Trim U provide a healthy dose of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to ensure that your body stays in good condition. These ingredients offer good support for an already healthy metabolism, so you can keep up the good work in the gym.

On the other hand, most of the ingredients such as bee Pollen and Chinese Yam lack clinical testing on human studies, and have very little (if any) effect on helping dieters lose weight. Some of the ingredients inside Slim Trim U (such as Mulberry) act as laxatives, resulting in a temporary reduction in water weight rather than fat.

Potential Side Effects

Floyd Nutrition points out that during “the first month you begin taking the capsules, you will absolutely go to the bathroom more than you are used to.”

They go on to discuss how this is the body’s way of ridding itself of harmful toxins and what not, but I suspect that it could be attributed to the fiber, diuretics, and laxatives used inside this diet pill.

It seems odd that manufacturers think we will “absolutely” go to the bathroom, as if there isn’t any doubt this side effect will occur. But just in case, you’ll want to approach this diet pill with caution.

How to Get the Best use Out of Slim Trim U

Manufacturers seem to think that Slim Trim U is so powerful that it can promote weight loss without requiring a change in dietary habits or exercise: “The beauty of this supplement is that you do not have to exercise at all!”

Whenever I see a diet pill that makes this claim I immediately flag it as a potential scam. Although some diet pills (such as Phenphedrine) are powerful enough to help consumers lose a little weight without exercise, the surest way to keep the weight off is by giving your body the care and attention it needs – dieting and exercising included.

When you add that fact to the above side effect of going to the restroom frequently, it’s easy to assume that the weight loss results seen with Slim Trim u will primarily be in water weight not fat. As soon as you stop taking the pill, the pounds will come right back.

Is Slim Trim U Worth it?

Slim Trim U is one of the more affordable diet pills on the market (selling for about $45 a bottle), and with its all-natural ingredients and glowing testimonials, it would be easy to assume that this diet pill is a good solution for taking control of your weight loss results.

phenphedrineHowever, the ingredients are not clinically proven to produce long-lasting weight loss, and with the manufacturers making over-the-top claims about the product, I can’t help but think that Slim Trim U is yet another overhyped placebo.

I suggest trying Phenphedrine instead. Although Phenphedrine may seem like an expensive way to lose weight, many consumers think that the results are well worth the price.

Phenphedrine offers the purest, most researched ingredients for suppressing appetite and boosting energy levels, and when purchased through, you can get great deals and discounts. Phenphedrine is definitely worth looking into, and it even promotes using a healthy diet and regular exercise in order to help you lose weight.

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