SterodrolProhormones are largely beginning to fill the void that steroids left upon being banned. However, every bodybuilder knows that pro-hormones aren’t as effective as their steroidal relatives. And yet, Sterodrol makers promise that it can give you the results of steroids using legal pro-hormones.

Another product that gives users great results is Syntheroid. The ingredients that Syntheroid uses are different than Sterodrol’s; but as long as Sterodrol uses clinically proven ingredients, it could be as effective as Syntheroid.


The basis for Sterodrol’s formula is the extract from the T. Alatus Del fruit. This phyto-hormone helps promote the production of testosterone in the body.

T. Alatus Del alongside Indian ginseng (Physalis somnifera) are a potent combination to maximize testosterone production. Physalis somnifera also has several health benefits the way normal Chinese ginseng does.

However, Sterodrol also functions as an aromatase inhibitor in several ways with the herbs Reynoutria japonica and Urtica galeopsifolia. These maximize the effectiveness of testosterone by preventing it from being turned into estrogen, blocking estrogen receptors and binding to the testosterone-killing enzyme, SHBG (Sex Hormone binding Globulin).

Sterodrol is topped off with Hebanthe paniculata a hormonal balancer and Maxsoption, a black pepper extract that maximizes the bioavailability of all of the other ingredients.


Sterodrol has a pretty balanced formula that covers all the bases. By functioning as both a testosterone booster and an aromatase inhibitor, it should deliver phenomenal results.

And because it covers all its bases, you won’t need to take it with other supplements. Gone will be the days of the creatine/protein/test-booster/aromatase-inhibitor/etc.

It also works fast. And with all of the ingredients included on the label (in their proper amounts) you know you aren’t getting cheated.


One of the biggest cons that we’ve seen is that bodybuilders and weightlifters that have used it were not impressed with results. For a steroid alternative, it didn’t deliver what they wanted.

At the same time, Sterodrol still has the side effects of a full steroid. Acne, irritableness and a decrease in sex drive (even with the increase in testosterone) have all been reported.

With that in mind, it can still cause you to test positive on steroid tests. For all of its hoopla about being legal, it can still get you in trouble.

Our Recommendation

If users like a product then we like it. The truth about Sterodrol is that a good number of users weren’t satisfied with the results they did or did not get from it. Then there is a product like Syntheroid.

Not only does it have a powerful formula of clinically proven, patented ingredients, Syntheroid also receives a lot of positive feedback from users. When you buy Syntheroid from the official retailer, you can get it for a reduced price and with a 100% money back guarantee.

We recommend that you try Syntheroid because we think you’ll get better results from it.

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