The TestoJack 100 comes with a bevy of all-natural ingredients designed to enhance your sex drive and energy levels.

Here are a few of the ingredients that you can find in its blend:
Tongkat Ali – This ingredient is a testosterone booster that serves to increase the levels of testosterone produced in your body.
Tribulus Terrerstris Extract – This ingredient has been found to increase the sex drives of both men and women.
ZMA – This ingredient is actually a combination of both magnesium and zinc, and is normally associated with upgraded energy levels and boosted immune systems.
Vitamin B6 – This vitamin serves a number of different purposes including, most importantly, the regulation of your body’s metabolism.

What do these ingredients mean?

Basically all these ingredients as well as others not listed in this review, help the TestoJack 100 to boost and enhance your sex drive, testosterone, and energy levels – which is its main purpose and design. That said, this supplement does not have the power or capability to help you burn fat or gain muscle quickly. It is not your typical testosterone-building supplement where muscle gains are seen at a tremendous rate.

Rather, the boosts to your testosterone levels given by the TestoJack 100 merely serve to increase your overall health and energy levels throughout the day. This boost in overall health and energy levels then serve as catalysts to increase your sexual performance.


That said, although the TestoJack 100 has always had a high ceiling in terms of potential, its never produced the results that it’s promised according to many previous users of the product. Many online reviews by past users have noted that the TestoJack 100 has done nothing except bring on negative side effects for them.

Moreover Now Foods, the company that created the TestoJack 100, has just recently come out with an upgrade of the product – called the TestoJack 200. Obviously, they too, realized that their original creation was going nowhere and that improvements and changes had to be made.

With this information in tow, there is just really no way that we could recommend the TestoJack 100 to consumers. Even though it’s a bargain at an online price of just $14.49, it’s still not worth your investment. If none of the previous users of this product are recommending others to use it, there is no way that we can go out on a limb and suggest that the TestoJack 100 may have some sort of upside.

In conclusion, it’s a great product on paper, but results are the only thing that really matter when it comes to health consumer products.

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