Total Eclipse Assure Detox is a detox made by Total Eclipse. Makers seem pretty confident that Total Eclipse Assure Detox is specially made for the most groundbreaking detoxing results you’ve ever seen to eliminate even the toughest toxins you may encounter with a strawberry mango flavor to boot. Technically, we have seen some complaints about it tasting a little bitter, but we are mostly concerned with the potential for results.

Total Eclipse Assure Detox is a one step process that works with a proprietary blend and no water needed. It is already in liquid form. We would counter this with the fact that you should be drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day anyway, especially if you want to detox. However, the point Total Eclipse Assure Detox is trying to make is that it is convenient. We just want to know if it is as effective.

Total Eclipse Assure Detox Ingredients

Total Eclipse Assure Detox contains one proprietary blend consisting of the following ingredients:
• Bromelain
• Papain
• Guarana seed extract
• Echinacea purpurea extract
• Milk thistle seed extract
• Psyllium seed
• Creatine monohydrate

Do you see cleansing ingredients on that list? We see a grand total of one. We have seen detoxes that use every single one of these ingredients, don’t get us wrong. The other ingredients (besides milk thistle) have their uses, and some reliable detoxes use them as backup ingredients to add to the effects of a good detox. Our problem is that Total Eclipse Assure Detox does not necessarily have the detoxing base we need to see.

It’s Not Quite That Simple

There are other things to consider along the way. Even if Total Eclipse Assure Detox isn’t technically a detox, the right blend of ingredients could make it effective as a fat burner, appetite suppressant, or something else that could help you to lose weight. In this particular case, the other ingredients can promote certain other healthy benefits, but not weight loss as far as we are aware.

Total Eclipse Assure Detox Conclusion

Total Eclipse Assure Detox has one detoxifier. So we can technically say that it might detoxify the body. We could see it potentially promoting certain healthy results. However, we don’t see weight loss or for that matter detoxing in Total Eclipse Assure Detox’s future, only temporary imitations of some of the benefits of a good detox.

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