trenbolin 25Everybody’s heard of “Tren”. Trenbolone is one of the most popular and powerful anabolic steroids on the market. And by not readily converting into estrogen it had fewer drawbacks than other steroids.

However, like all steroids, Trenbolone’s effectiveness came at a cost. It shut down the body’s natural testosterone production. Without a careful post-cycle therapy it will emasculate men.

Fortunately, Trenbolin 25 is not the “Tren”. It is an aromatase inhibitor, and as such doesn’t have much relation to steroids at all.

Trenbolin 25

Trenbolin 25 was designed by Cybex-O Labs, and is an aromatase inhibitor that finishes the Deca-bol/Stanazol-V stack. Its job is to prevent aromatase from converting estrogen from testosterone.

On the other hand, Deca-Bol and Stanzol-V aren’t steroids: they’re just herbal supplements that boost the body’s natural testosterone production with aphrodisiac ingredients. You don’t need an aromatase inhibitor with this stack at all.

What’s in It?

Trenbolin 25 is a natural mix with several of the regulars to the prohormone mix, like Tribulus terrestris and Cyanotis vaga. However, it also contains some lesser known ingredients like Lecimulthin, Polyrachis ant and shilajit.

However, these ingredients do little to stop aromatase. In fact, they are all testosterone boosters that will inherently initiate aromatase production to keep the body in a hormonal balance.

So, Trenbolin 25 is more of a testosterone booster than it is an aromatase inhibitor. And when you consider the other two supplements that Trenbolin 25 is tacked with, Deca-Bol and Stanzol-V, you notice something very interesting:

They are all herbal testosterone boosters consisting of aphrodisiacs. Of course they have different proprietary blends, but they all do the same thing…

Aphrodisiacs have long been known to boost hormones to increase sexual desire. However, they are often not potent enough to cause the change in testosterone that bodybuilders want.

Side Effects

Prohormones like these have few side effects except for the aromatase conversion from testosterone to estrogen. There is a chance that a user could end up with more estrogen than testosterone in their system.

Our Recommendation

It seems to us that Cybex-O Labs is taking advantage of common steroid names and making cheap sound-alikes. Deca durabolin (Deca-Bol), Stanzol (Stanzol-V) and Trenbolone (Trenbolin 25) are all powerful steroids that newer bodybuilders will have heard of, but won’t realize that they can’t be found on legit markets.

Cybex-O Labs does make quality products, that can help boost your testosterone in a generally safe way. However, if you’re looking for a potent aromatase inhibitor, you will have to look elsewhere.

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