VasotropinNitric oxide is the coveted nutrient when it comes to pre workout supplements. Everybody is trying new methods to increase nitric oxide because it has been shown to build muscle and boost performance. Vasotropin utilizes a new method to increase nitric oxide that may just work for you.

If you have tried arginine products, you may notice that it is not the greatest nitric oxide booster out there. Vasotropin by Gaspari Nutrition is designed to work better than arginine products. We are going to see just how effective it really is.


Niacin: Also called vitamin B3, Niacin helps enhance blood flow by increasing HDL levels and stimulating hormone production in the adrenal gland. The recommended dosage for Niacin is 14-16 milligrams per day. Vasotropin contains 200mg, which can make for some very expensive urine and cause flushing (blood rushing to the face, making it bright red).

NOSPEP: This bioactive peptide fraction is designed to increase nitric oxide more efficiently than arginine. However, no official in vivo testing has been done to prove the effectiveness of NOSPEP.

Beet Root: According to some researchers, beet root has been shown to improve athletic performance because it is rich in nitrates. No official studies confirm this theory.

Pterostilbene: This ingredient is similar to resveratrol in the fact that it contains antioxidant properties. When increasing nitric oxide, it is important to include antioxidants to fight against the free radicals that nitric oxide creates.


According to a handful of consumer reviews that we found, Vasotropin is an effective pre workout supplement for those that take it with a balanced diet. Most users experienced greater energy and pumps without any side effects.

Another benefit to Vasotropin is that it doesn’t contain any blood thinners or stimulants like caffeine. Vasotropin is strictly designed to increase nitric oxide levels in the blood in order to build muscle and optimize performance.


The two most important ingredients in Vasotropin NOSPEP and Beet Root come without any official research making us a bit skeptical about this product. Even consumer reviews can be faked. While we don’t believe Gaspari Nutrition is out to steal your money by putting a phony product on the market, we still worry that Vasotropin may not actually work for you.

Also, if you read the section on Niacin, you’ll notice that the dosage found in Vasotropin is around 15 times what your body actually needs. Too much Niacin has been shown to cause flushing, which occurs when blood flow to the face increases and you develop a bright red complexion.


Despite positive consumer reviews, we aren’t fully sold on Vasotropin. It utilizes a new concept to increase nitric oxide levels, but does that concept actually work. Although arginine may not be the most efficient way to increase nitric oxide, it is still common among pre workout supplements because it’s safe and somewhat effective. NOSPEP is untested and may not actually work on most humans.

Vasotropin is sold for as much as $48 but you can find it for as low as $30 in some places making it a fairly inexpensive pre workout supplement. Still, you may want to think twice before purchasing this supplement.

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