Winni-V Tabs is a product from a company called SDI Labs. It is being marketed as a legal steroid when in reality it is actually a prohormone. Winni-V Tabs contains hormonal precursors that are supposed to help the body raise levels of testosterone and another anabolic agent called Stanazolol, or Winni-V. Stanazolol was a real steroid that was developed in the 60’s and is currently illegal. It was useful in helping build muscle without excessive weight gains while promoting vascularity and resisting estrogen conversion. Stanazolol is the real deal but can SDI’s Winni-V Tabs really help your body make this drug on its own?


As we mentioned above, Winni-V Tabs do not contain real Winni-V since it is a controlled substance. Instead they contain a compound called cyclostanozol. This name was obviously chosen by SDI Labs because of its similarity to Stanazolol, but when we examined this ingredient, we saw nothing about it that could provide the results originally promised. Cyclostanozol is made from several molecules including 4-diol, a testosterone precursor, and 19Nor, a nandrolone precursor. Somehow, these are supposed to magically be transformed by the body into Stanazolol. Unfortunately, there are no metabolic processes we have heard of that will make this possible.

Side Effects

Instead of producing Stanazolol, the 19Nor in Winni-V Tabs is quickly converted into estrogen through aromatization. This means that Winni-V Tabs can cause spikes in estrogen levels, potentially causing side effects like man-boobs, oily skin, and acne. SDI Labs recommends taking Winni-V Tabs with one of its anti-aromatase products to minimize side effects, but why bother making a product that does not work safer?


There is nothing in SDI Lab’s Winni-V Tabs that will effectively convert into Stanazolol within your body. If it did, it would have to completely bend the laws of biochemistry. At the end of the day, we recommend staying away from any product SDI Labs is selling.

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