According to the Xenadrine website, Xenadrine Xtreme is “extreme weight loss that works” for women. It is supposedly designed for fitness enthusiasts and other women who want serious results with female friendly ingredients. So let’s take a look at the key Xenadrine Xtreme points.

Subjects lost 7x more weight than dieting alone

We’ve all seen products that say the same thing, even citing clinical studies that ironically study ingredients that helped users to lose maybe 2% more. But unlike those other products, Xenadrine Xtreme cites two major studies, and it could even be said that Xenadrine Xtreme does not give its key ingredients enough credit. The key ingredients in Xenadrine Xtreme eliminated 20.94 pounds as opposed to 1.7 in one 12 week clinical study. By my own calculations, that’s about 10x the weight loss, not 7!

Subjects reduced body weight %

Obviously, it’s hard to measure body fat. But when losing 20.94 pounds, body weight percentage naturally decreases. And according to clinical studies, Xenadrine Xtreme produces some pretty incredible results.

Powerful energy boost

The key Xenadrine Xtreme blend is entirely stimulant free, and it does not necessarily contribute to greater energy levels. But caffeine does. Xenadrine Xtreme uses enough caffeine to promote higher energy levels. There may be some side effects that go along with it for users who are sensitive to caffeine. But for most, it is not particularly risky, and the risk of side effects is no greater than you would face with most competitors.

50% more servings

Xenadrine Xtreme ships bottles that have 50% more capsules. Obviously, this has a greater value. But it depends on the user as to how you use this. Some use it to make the bottle last 50% longer (45 days instead of 30), while others choose to use Xenadrine Xtreme before breakfast, lunch, AND dinner.

Powerful Women’s Weight Loss

I have no doubt that Xenadrine Xtreme could promote weight loss in women. But Xenadrine Xtreme does not actually have ingredients specially made for the female. It does not have ingredient such as soy isoflavones, which mimic the look and effectiveness of estrogen in the body.


Xenadrine Xtreme is actually more impressive than the average diet pill and the average diet pill made specifically for women. It has a clinically proven blend that is original, but it has been clinically proven in a number of successful human trials. Xenadrine Xtreme may not be specialized to women. But it could still promote weight loss in women.

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